Blogger Switch

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I wanted to switch to blogger because it’s easier for me to use & thats what most other poeple on the City Daily Photos website use.  Please hop on over & check it out!  Also, please feel free to add this new link to your “follow” list.  Thanks everyone & I hope to see you on the new site!!

Free Hugs


Any takers?

As we watched the Free Hug people try to hand out hugs, another group walked  by with signs proclaiming “Smile, you are beautiful.”  The smile people and the hug people met in a giant happy, smiley hug-atopia (it was amazing).

An apple a day

Apples all lined up ready to be sold at the farmers market.

Headhouse Farmer’s Market in Society Hill, us

Please keep off grass


As we can see, these signs and yellow rope are very effective!

(although this guy did have a really cute puppy!)

Rittenhouse Square


Horse on the merry-go-round in Franklin Square.  Kind of creepy and kind of pretty at the same time!

Peddlers Village


Tulips in Peddlers Village.  Peddlers Village is a cutesy shopping area in Bucks County, North/West of Philadelphia.  They have all kinds of stores from food to clothes, candy and nic-nacs.

Bottle Fence: view 2

Bottle Fence, the artsy version.