Shoes on the wire

We all have different theories as to why people hang shoes on the electric wires.  In this case I think it’s just for decoration.  What do you think?  Do shoes hanging on the wire have a certain meaning to you?


3 responses to “Shoes on the wire

  1. I always thought it meant there was a crackhouse nearby.

  2. It has nothing to do with crackhouses! I grew up in Northeast Philly in the ’70’s – we didn’t even know what crack was then – but the guys in our crowd would always take their older sneakers and wrap them on the electric lines – no particular meaning back then, and probably not one now either…it was fun.

  3. Have So Many Reasons One Was To Do With The Military When Finishing Basic Training ,Moving To Another Post , Turf ,Bullies Throwing Them Over After Taking Them , And Sad To Say Crack Areas .

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