Free Hugs


Any takers?

As we watched the Free Hug people try to hand out hugs, another group walked  by with signs proclaiming “Smile, you are beautiful.”  The smile people and the hug people met in a giant happy, smiley hug-atopia (it was amazing).

2 responses to “Free Hugs

  1. I love these “hug-ins”. Sadly, not everyone sees it that way. At my daughter’s highschool, some of the kids put up signs in the cafeteria that read “Free Hugs, and Free Smile, and Free Pat on the back”. They had a couple of kids sit near the signs, and hug, smile and pat anyone that wanted them.

    The school forced them to take it down, saying that it was “harassment”. How is it harassment, when the kids that want them, come up and get them, and the kids that don’t, don’t? It’s free choice. The kids loved it, it was just the administration that had a hissy fit.

    How is offering free hugs wrong?? And what does that say about us as a country, that we can let the “PC-correctness crowd” dictate free choice?

  2. Hugs from strangers gross me out…almost as much as hugs from students.

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