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Free Hugs


Any takers?

As we watched the Free Hug people try to hand out hugs, another group walked  by with signs proclaiming “Smile, you are beautiful.”  The smile people and the hug people met in a giant happy, smiley hug-atopia (it was amazing).

Nothing Happened.

All over Philadelphia there are signs giving you information about historic sites and houses.  But this person decided to go the sarcastic route with their historical marker!

“On this site in 1897 Nothing Happened” 

No Swimming!! This means YOU!

You are not allowed to swim in the fountain that has no water in front of the art museum.  Just in case you were confused 🙂

Mifflin Ave

If you’ve ever seen NBC’s “The Office” (American version), then the name Mifflin may sound familiar to you!  This is Mifflin Ave. in, where else, Scranton, PA!

You ARE beautiful!

Their store might not be open but they still want to pay you a compliment!

  Arch & 9th.  (photo courtesy of Kay H.)

Hey you!

I love this “hey you” sign!  This is from a parking lot and is an attempt to catch people’s attention so they read the parking rules before leaving their cars in a parking lot they aren’t supposed to be in!  No excuses for parking here illegally!

Mostly Books! (and some other things)

I love this sign at the bookshop on Bainbridge St.  “Mostly Books” but also furniture…and other things.   I’ve never been inside this store but it looks like it may be a fun place to explore when its open!