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Cool as a Caterpillar

A fun little guy to brighten your day!

Happy Monday!

Statues of the Phillies Phanatic can be found all over the city.  I’m thinking its a form of artwork.  They are all made a little differently and this one looked like Franenstien-Phanatic!  Go Phillies!

Franklin Park, between 6th and 7th.

Singin in the Rain…

This statue reminds me of the movie “Singing in the Rain!”

Rocky 2

Me with the Rocky statue in front of the art museum.

Rocky! Rocky!

While your at the art museum be sure to check out the Rocky statue out front!

Snow Hair

The guy caught my eye while I was walking around the city.  I love how the snow stuck in certain places, giving him snow hair!

Walk This Way…

These friendly statues welcome pedestrians crossing over I-95 from South St to Penn’s Landing.