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Please keep off grass


As we can see, these signs and yellow rope are very effective!

(although this guy did have a really cute puppy!)

Rittenhouse Square


Horse on the merry-go-round in Franklin Square.  Kind of creepy and kind of pretty at the same time!

Scenes from Franklin Square


The fountain at Franklin Square park with the merry-go-round in the background.

Welcome to Franklin Square!

Jazz Guys

Cool cats playing jazz in Rittenhouse Square.  Not sure of the name of this band, but they were really good!


People relaxing on a nice spring day in Rittenhouse Square.

City Garden

The garden at Cianfrani Park.

8th St

Take a hike!

Hiking trail in Valley Forge national park.

proof of spring

The last bit of snow.

Valley Forge Park


A lone flower at the park  by my house!  Spring is soon…