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Peddlers Village


Tulips in Peddlers Village.  Peddlers Village is a cutesy shopping area in Bucks County, North/West of Philadelphia.  They have all kinds of stores from food to clothes, candy and nic-nacs.

Flowers on 3rd

Beautiful flower set up outside a florist shop on 3rd Street.

Pink Snow

It’s spring time and these trees are blooming all over!  They are so beautiful and when the wind blows its like pink snow!  There are pink piles of flower petals all over the city, but I think its really pretty.  Happy Friday!

City Garden

The garden at Cianfrani Park.

8th St

Trees in Bloom

Bainbridge and 9th

Take a hike!

Hiking trail in Valley Forge national park.

Snowy Trees

The snow in the trees is so beautiful! 

This will be the end of my “snow week.”  Its kind of hard to find other things take pictures of when everything is blanketed and piled with snow but I will try!  Hope you enjoyed all my snow pictures!