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proof of spring

The last bit of snow.

Valley Forge Park

Snowy Graveyard

Snow covering the graveyard is both sad and beautiful at the same time.

St Peters, 4th & Pine St.

Turtle Power!

This one goes out to my sister, who had a Ninja Turtles birthday party when she turned 4!  Saw this guy in Rittenhouse Square the other day!  Heros on a half shell, turtle power! (if you dont know what I’m talking about- where were you in the 80’s and early 90’s??)

Snowy Trees

The snow in the trees is so beautiful! 

This will be the end of my “snow week.”  Its kind of hard to find other things take pictures of when everything is blanketed and piled with snow but I will try!  Hope you enjoyed all my snow pictures!

Outdoor dining anyone?

The outdoor seating at Jon’s on South St.

snow snow everywhere!

I hope the snow plows come through soon!  Some streets are plowed but some still look like this!

This ones for the birds

You might need your reading glasses but if you peer into the bushes you can see the birds!  These birds are always here, rain, snow or shine (unlike the postman, ha!) and…sometimes they will fly out at you so be careful!