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An apple a day

Apples all lined up ready to be sold at the farmers market.

Headhouse Farmer’s Market in Society Hill, us

Welcome to Franklin Square!

Saturday Cutie

Since its Saturday I thought I’d post something a little different than usual.  This is my dog, Rocky!  This photo is from Rittenhouse Square.  He didn’t get any cupcakes, though he tried!  But, he did enjoy the jazz music with us.

Bridge View

View of the Ben Franklin bridge from Race St.  I love this neighborhood (Olde City)!  It is so pretty and has the cutest stores!

4th and Race St.

Jazz Guys

Cool cats playing jazz in Rittenhouse Square.  Not sure of the name of this band, but they were really good!


People relaxing on a nice spring day in Rittenhouse Square.

my vice

Delicious cupcakes from Brown Betty Petite bakery in Rittenhouse square area!  Vanilla with vanilla, vanilla with lemon icing and red velvet with cream cheese icing! Yum!

Check them out: Brown Betty Dessert Boutique.  Thanks to my friend Jamie for the recommendation!

Pink Snow

It’s spring time and these trees are blooming all over!  They are so beautiful and when the wind blows its like pink snow!  There are pink piles of flower petals all over the city, but I think its really pretty.  Happy Friday!

Bad cat

Cat in jail.  But he’s still cute!

City Garden

The garden at Cianfrani Park.

8th St